Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, yeah...

Today is my birthday. The big 30.

Seems kind of appropriate to turn 30 on a Wednesday. A blah day for a blah birthday. It was a good birthday, but 30...not bad, but not really an exciting, great kind of birthday. 16, you looked forward to. 18 was cool. 19, 21, 25 was good--cheaper insurance is nice. 30? Nothing to really get excited about.

Eh, at least there was no zombie apocalypse today.


  1. Well, at least it wasn't a "traumatic" birthday like my 30th was for me! And you at least got a YUMMY chocolate cake out of it! :-D

    Mom Evans

  2. Happy late birthday! Nate wasn't too excited about his 30th birthday either... it's kind of like a mini mid life crisis... you aren't really "young" anymore, but you definately aren't "old" either. I say... you are only a few days older than you were when you were 29, so, don't worry about it. I'm convinced that you really are only as old as you think you are... so I'm going to be stuck at 24 for the rest of my life. :-)