Saturday, March 14, 2009

How did I ever live without this?


I don't know who invented this, but I know it was a guy. Bacon. In a can. For long term storage. Society may crumble, but there will be bacon.



  1. I can't remember how I came to be here at your blog, but I must say the bacon in a can intrigued me. I am a fan of bacon and shamelessly admit that I once ate an entire pound all to my piggy self while my unknowing husband looked on.

    I find your blog interesting. It seems we have much in common by way of political mindset. I wonder have you heard of Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul? Surely you have. What an amazing man, a true statesman of our time. I highly recommend his book, one of many that is, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

  2. However you found this, welcome!

    I don't think I'm qualified to take confessions, but if bacon's involved, I don't think there's any wrongdoing, so, for what it's worth... ;)

    Yes, I have definitely heard of Dr. Paul. I honestly have a hard time believing that anybody hasn't heard of him.

    While I haven't always agreed with everything he says, I think he's definitely more right than wrong, at any rate. what I have disagreed with him on (Iraq), I can at least say that I understand, and even partially agree with his reasoning. I see where he comes from, and he makes sense. And it's no more of a compromise than voting for McCain. But he is more conservative.

  3. Bacon in a can! For real? Do you have to cook it before you eat it? If not, I would think it'd be soggy.

  4. Here's a link to the website, if anybody wants bacon with a 10 year shelf life:

    It's pre-cooked and drained, so really, all you'd have to do is re-heat it, I guess.